Virtually every man in America knows someone whose marriage is in the crapper. What Radical Husbands Do was written to give to that friend, brother, co-worker, or neighbor who has no idea what to do to save his marriage or make it better.

The practices in this book have been ‘reality-tested’ by men whom Regi Campbell has mentored over the last few decades. Of 104 married men who have been exposed to these 12 steps, only 2 have ever faced divorce.

Regi Campbell

About the Author

Regi Campbell is an experienced investor and entrepreneur who has helped to found more than 15 companies. He lives in Atlanta, GA with his bride of 45 years, Miriam. Father of two, grandfather of five, Regi is passionate about mentoring the next generation.

Regi is also the founder of the nonprofit, Radical Mentoring

You can read his bi-weekly blog at or follow Radical Mentoring on Twitter @radicalmentors.

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